Our Story

We are enthusiast travelers. And during our most adventurous journeys so far, we realized that one has to try real hard to keep a travel journal (or travelogue) of their trips, even through apps. Digital travel story telling is not so fun. Even if you are a vlogger or travel blogger, it starts to become a pain to log and keep track of and then share your travel memories and experiences.

This pain gave birth to Traverous. Traverous app keeps track of your route and photos+videos you take from the app while traveling. It works offline and at the end, it will create a video travel journal of your journey. Traverous automates the task of recording and maintaing a travel journal. It requires minimum effort from you. This bird's-eye view video travel journal of your trip successfully preserves your adventure and travel experiences.

Our vision is to enable and empower travelers and bring world cultures closer while doing so. Our stories and experiences shape who we are. Thus - community - is at the heart of Traverous. Traverous users are shaping a new era of travel experience sharing and discovering the world through others' eyes. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will only strengthen our efforts to serve you better.

If you are wondering what's in the name Traverous? Well, Traverous is a play on the words Travel & Adventurous.

Tell inspiring travel stories :-)
With ❤ from Traverous Team