Frequently Asked Questions

Once you start recording Traverous keeps logging your location using GPS in the background; It would work even if you close the app. But some devices have battery optimization feature which can prevent Traverous from running in background for a longer time. To fix the problem, please go through system settings to add our apps to the whitelist. Here are some examples about how to add an app to the whitelist:

  • Settings > Power management > Auto-start manager > tap over the DOWNLOADED page > switch to "Allow" for Traverous
  • HTC:
  • Apps drawer > Boost+ > Optimize background apps > tap Traverous > select "Off"
  • Apps drawer > Phone Manager > Battery manager(or Energy Saver) > Protected apps > Turn on the switch for Traverous OR
  • Settings > tap "All" tab > Protected apps > Turn on the switch for Traverous OR
  • Settings > Battery > Launch > Turn off the switch for Traverous
  • Settings > Power manager > Background app management > add Traverous to the unrestricted (or allow auto-start) list
  • Settings > Apps > Gear icon > Apps Auto-launch > allow Traverous to start-up in the background
  • OPPO:
  • Apps drawer > Security center > Privacy permissions > Auto-run management (or Startup manager) > Turn on the switch for Traverous AND
  • Settings > Application management > Running tab > tap the Locker icon for Traverous
  • Settings > Security > Auto-start management > set Traverous to \'Allowed\' OR
  • Settings > Battery > Detail > tap Traverous> Turn off OR
  • Apps drawer > Smart manager > Battery > Detail > tap Traverous> Turn off OR
  • Settings > Battery > Battery usage > MENU > Optimize battery usage > select "All apps" > turn off the switch for Traverous
  • SONY:
  • Settings > Storage & memory > turn off the "Smart cleaner" option or continue to tap the three dots at the top right > Advanced > add Traverous to the whitelist
  • VIVO
  • Apps drawer > iManager > App manager > Autostart manager > allow Traverous to auto-start in the background
  • Apps drawer > Security app > Permissions > tap Autostart > Allow Traverous to autostart by turning on the switch OR
  • Settings > Additional Settings > Battery and Performance > Manage apps\' battery usage > turn "Power saving modes" off > open the Security app > navigate to Permissions > add our app to Autostart > invoke Task Manager > find our app > drag it downwards until the padlock icon appears

Wait for the route/map to load. You will be able to upload the photo.

Once you submit your journey, Traverous uploads/syncs it in background. On some phones, apps are not allowed to run in background for a longer time which would affects recording too. Please follow this guide to make sure the app runs properly: read more

Click the share button on your video and then click download. Once downloaded, you can search the video in file manager by journey name or play it directly by clicking on the notification.